Childcare Support


With news of school and childcare closures due to COVID-19, The Springs Living is looking for creative solutions to ensure we are fostering an environment that is still focused around Quality of Work, Quality of Relationships, and Quality of You. To support you, your families, and your Quality of You, The Springs Living has developed a temporary Child Care Reimbursement Program to help lessen the burden of the emergency school closures.

Why we do it here

We recognize that to ensure Quality of Work and the best care for our residents, we need to have adequate staffing. We also understand during times of unexpected school closures and raising concerns for the safety of your family, it is important to take a look at how you can best support them, and how The Springs Living can best support you. By implementing the temporary Childcare Reimbursement Program, we hope to keep our service levels and staff levels high while providing the support you need for your family.

How we do it here

Eligibility of services:

All employees of The Springs Living, who require backup care for their dependent during the weeks of 3/16/20, 3/27/20, 3/30/20 and 4/6/20. This benefit is meant to assist employees who are facing childcare costs that they would not normally accrue due to emergency school closures or the closure of your primary child care center due to COVID-19.

Qualified Dependents: Children under the age of 13 and disabled dependents between the age of 13-18.

Benefit: The Springs Living will reimburse $50 to offset the childcare expenses accrued during worked days for the reasons listed above during the weeks of 3/16/20, 3/27/20, 3/30/20 and 4/6/20. Keep in mind that it is considered taxable income by the IRS, and will be taxed. To receive the benefits employees will need to fill out the ‘Child Care Reimbursement Form’ by 4/10/20 to receive the reimbursement on their 4/22/2020 paycheck. To find the Child Care Reimbursement form please click the link below or ask your Business Office Manager for a physical copy.